Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 121

"I am so good at this!!" is what I said to my hubby this past Friday when I got back from running the longest and farthest that I have run to date . . .70 minutes (roughly 7 miles - MORE than a 10k, by the way)!!

The run was delightful, and I am not even exaggerating!  I started out feeling very calm and relaxed, settling into a nice rhythm.  I decided that I would not even look at my watch for time or heart rate readouts until I was past the halfway mark.  That way, I could concentrate on the music and the ongoing conversation that I have with God during my runs!  It was fun!

Thank you, Babe, for staying up late the night before this big run and programming the MP3 player with all of the songs I like and  many I did not expect!  Thanks, also, for letting me go first each day so I can beat the heat, for applauding my accomplishments and for racing out of the house the other day to rescue me when a freaky, sudden thunderstorm errupted during my bike ride!  Your consistent thoughtfulness has really kept me going! I love you!

This coming Friday is my real "race day!"  My hubby will chart a course, and I will run it.  And even though this is not a sanctioned race, I will still have run a 10k, and that's what counts!

I'll let you know how it goes!

;-) Missi

Sunday, July 10, 2011

10k Program - Week 8

Week 8

Monday        Tuesday      Wednesday      Thursday         Friday          Saturday        Sunday
Run 30 min.  CT 30 min. Run 30 min.      Walk easy         REST            REST            REST
normal pace                   normal pace         30 min.      
(avg 140bpm)                (avg 140bpm)                       

Sunday, July 3, 2011

10k Program - Week 7

Week 7

Monday        Tuesday      Wednesday      Thursday         Friday          Saturday        Sunday
Run 40 min.  CT 30 min. Run 34 min.      Walk easy     Run 70 min.   Run 40 min.     REST
normal pace                     race pace           30 min.      normal pace     slow pace
(avg 140bpm)                (avg 160bpm)                       (avg 140bpm) (avg 130bpm)