Thursday, October 6, 2011


As I've said many times in many posts, I started this joyful jogging journey on March 14, 2011.  I was hopeful and prayerful that it would prove to be a form of exercise that could be enjoyable and sustainable!

 I wanted it to be the answer to shredding that last 10 pounds (and it did).  I wanted it to feel good (and it does).  I wanted it to be fun but challenging (and it has been).  I wanted to set a good example of healthy living for my children (and I have).  I wanted my husband to look at me and feel proud (and he does)!

Yes, I have run off pounds, inches and fat.  I have developed muscles in my legs that I have never seen before.  My cardiovascular health is such that I have cut my blood pressure pill in half!  Still, nothing compares to how many pounds of GUILT I have run off in these past almost-7 months!  I am fulling my exercise responsibility.  I am taking care of the body that God gave me.  I am strong and healthy and vital.  I don't have to "feel bad" anymore.  I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing!  Are you doing what you're supposed to be doing?

Gotta Run!
;-) Missi

Friday, September 30, 2011

This is a happy day!

Hi Friends,
It's been a while; I know!  I have missed you and hope that this post finds all of you happy, well and running!

I just could not let this day slip away without comment.  It is a special day for several reasons.

For starters, it is my dad's 67th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Dad!  I hope that you have felt loved and special today! ;-)

Also, today, I ran the farthest that I have run to date - 8.96 miles!  I ran for exactly 90 minutes.  My mile splits were right around 10.04 minutes.  Although I am not turbo jazzed about that number, I am happy to report that I had a lot left in my tank at the end and know that I will be able to go much faster come race day! ;-)  I am planning on running a half-marathon this fall!

And last, but not least, this day is special because I am typing this message with an almost completely healed right ring finger.  If you will recall, I SEVERELY injured that finger on April 30th, when it got crushed between two logs in a freak wood-stacking incident!  Today serves as the 5-month anniversary of that incident! 

Friends, God has performed a miracle on my finger, and I am not even kidding!  The gaping wounds that were sewn up on the underside of my finger are almost invisible.  I  have also regained complete sensation in that area and have a perfectly formed fingernail.  The top part of the finger, however, sports a pretty serious scar, with a knob of scar tissue underneath that is currently preventing me from full flexion.  Other than that, the casual observer would not know that I had split open that finger, severed the extensor tendon and broken a knuckle just a few short months ago.  I am currently undergoing occupational therapy to help strengthen the tip and loosen the scar tissue so that my finger will be straight!  So far, so good!

The following picture reveals just how far the healing has progressed:

Pretty amazing isn't it!

Throughout this day, and on several occasions during these 5 months, I have thought about the fact that I am so grateful that I did not wake up on April 30th, knowing that this injury would happen!  Sure, in my lifetime, I have done things, knowing that there would be great discomfort involved . . . having babies, vein surgery, my legs waxed or running 400 meters as fast as I can!  None of those things involved mutilation, though, and that is the difference.  If I had known that was coming, I would not have gotten up!

I say that to say this:  Jesus DID know, at the beginning of the day when He sacrificed His life for our sins, that He would endure indescribable pain, suffering and even death!  But he got up anyway.  He got up anyway, and that is amazing, beautiful, pure and strong.  Thank you, Jesus, for your example!

Until next time,

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Post 10K Update - 3

Well, we are undergoing a transfer of old computer data to the new computer, so I have not been able to access my blog until today.  Sorry for the delay!

Okay, so we left off with my describing to you how my physique is going through another change, for the better!

Now, I would like to address how my running has gone (or, rather, is going through) another change as well.  If you'll remember, I started out this "thing" on March 14th, hoping that I would like "jogging" enough to make it my easy, thirty-minutes-a-day exercise routine.  Well, it has become so much more than that.  In fact, I don't even think you could call it "jogging" anymore.

Ever since I posted that 56-min 10K time in July, something snapped.  I remembered that I am (and always have been) an athlete.  You don't just give up your innate talents just because you're over 40!  You can, however, forget about them!  That's what I did.  I kept thinking that it was too hard; I might break a hip; what if I hate it!  Friends, those doubts and fears are from the Deceiver.  They are not from God.  And I refused to let that "Monkey" on my back to slow me down.  Do I get an "Amen?!"

So, for the month of August, I (and my hubby as well) embarked on reclaiming our athleticism.  We did speed training and interval work, which culminated in a full-speed MILE run on the last day of the program.

When the day of the race arrived, I have to tell you that I was a little nauseous at the starting line, but it had to be done, and I am not a quitter!  Hubby gave me a good pep talk before the race and told me to concentrate on Nicole C. Mullen's song, "When I Call on Jesus," when I got in a bind.  Turns out, that was what I needed!  I ended up running the "Miracle Mile" in 7 minutes and 13 seconds.  My hubby did it in 6:51 (which is awesome!) 

We both felt great that day and are currently researching what we want to tackle next.  I am leaning very heavily towards training for a 1/2 marathon this fall and a marathon in the spring.

I'll keep you posted.
;-) Missi

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Post 10K Update - 2

So much has happended since running my 10K in mid-July! 

My physique has changed; my feelings about running have changed; my feeling while I am running has changed, and my overall fitness has changed - ALL FOR THE BETTER!!

I'll address my physique today.  As you may remember, I mentioned in one of my July posts (as I was nearing the end of my 10K training) that my weight loss had stalled out.  I wasn't getting any leaner, but I was working mega hard!  I was also disappointed that I still had a soft mid-section (YEESH!) 

Well, I am happy to report that I am in the middle of a very exciting body transformation cycle that is extremely encouraging. Yes, I have lost a few more pounds (I am now down to 117 lbs, which is what I weighed on my wedding day over 12 years ago)!  But what is even more exciting than that is how lean, strong and fit I look and feel.  I really feel healthy and vital.  My mid-section has even lost its underlayer of flab!

Sure, it's taken 5 months to get to this place.  The work has been tough at times.  Thirty minutes of running seemed unattainable on March 14th.  A 10K seemed a little excessive on July 15th.  Now, I eat those races for breakfast!!! ;-) 

My current workout regimen is Interval Speed Training, where the warm-ups and cool-downs are 1 1/2 mile runs, with 400m and 600m sprints sandwiched in the middle.  It seems impossible, but it's not!  I don't have special powers, but I do have the drive!  Come on; put it in gear and join me!!!

Get your motor runnin'!
;-) Missi

Friday, August 19, 2011

Post 10K Update

Hi Friends,

Guess what!  I'm still alive and kicking.  Or, I guess I should say, alive and running! 

I inadvertently decided to take a month off, due to a very hectic schedule of birthday parties, a 25th high school reunion (Go Broken Arrow Tigers Class of 1986!), an extended vacation at my in-laws (which included painting their house for a very generous sum of money), several trips to the zoo, tons of swimming (thanks to our very sweet neighbors who let us use their pool A LOT) and many inside playdates to beat the heat! 

The blogging hiatus is over now, though.  School has started, and I now only have one child at home all day.  I should be able to find the time to write something down on a more regular basis!

So here's what's been going on concerning my running: 

At the end of my last post on July 11th., I mentioned that I would be running my 10k on Friday, July 15th. and that I would let you know how it went!

Well, it went GREAT - better than expected.  Or, rather, better than I expected.  Turns out, my hubby had no doubts that I was going to crush it!  And I did, posting a time of 56.35 (roughly 9-minute miles).  Now, I know that's not breaking any records, but it's pretty darn good for this 43-year-old gal, who has only been running for a few months!

I do have to interject right here and now, though, that I was reluctant to "bring it!"  In fact, the night before  "race day," my hubby gave me the pep talk that this was, indeed, going to be a "race," that I needed to treat it that way, that I needed to push myself, that I owed it to myself to "see what I could do."

So, I did!  I ran my little heart out.  It was exhilirating, challenging and fun.  I am now very confident about what lies ahead!  I'll keep you posted.

Happy trails,

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 121

"I am so good at this!!" is what I said to my hubby this past Friday when I got back from running the longest and farthest that I have run to date . . .70 minutes (roughly 7 miles - MORE than a 10k, by the way)!!

The run was delightful, and I am not even exaggerating!  I started out feeling very calm and relaxed, settling into a nice rhythm.  I decided that I would not even look at my watch for time or heart rate readouts until I was past the halfway mark.  That way, I could concentrate on the music and the ongoing conversation that I have with God during my runs!  It was fun!

Thank you, Babe, for staying up late the night before this big run and programming the MP3 player with all of the songs I like and  many I did not expect!  Thanks, also, for letting me go first each day so I can beat the heat, for applauding my accomplishments and for racing out of the house the other day to rescue me when a freaky, sudden thunderstorm errupted during my bike ride!  Your consistent thoughtfulness has really kept me going! I love you!

This coming Friday is my real "race day!"  My hubby will chart a course, and I will run it.  And even though this is not a sanctioned race, I will still have run a 10k, and that's what counts!

I'll let you know how it goes!

;-) Missi

Sunday, July 10, 2011

10k Program - Week 8

Week 8

Monday        Tuesday      Wednesday      Thursday         Friday          Saturday        Sunday
Run 30 min.  CT 30 min. Run 30 min.      Walk easy         REST            REST            REST
normal pace                   normal pace         30 min.      
(avg 140bpm)                (avg 140bpm)