Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 87

Okay, I'm just going to say it:  I feel and look healthier and leaner when I have a tan. (After all, brown flab is better than white flab!)  I know. I know.  Sun exposure is bad for my skin and can cause premature wrinkling, sun spots and even cancer.  And believe me.  I'm not scoffing at any of these ramifications.  They are real and serious!

Still, I gotta tell ya; I get a little Vitamin D buzz this time of year when the little bit of sun exposure I get each day (playing in the yard, going to the park, swimming in our neighbor's pool, going on a bike ride, running, etc.) steadily accumulates (without burning) into a nice golden brown.

Last year, I tried the Tan and Tone America spray-tan technique, and it worked great, especially on my lily-white legs that hadn't seen the sun in years.  (Thank goodness for capris pants as a nice alternative to shorts!) This year, though, because of my vigorous workouts, I can't do the spray-on because it can't hold up to the sweat!

So, I've decided to expose my "lily whites" in shorts a little each day to get some color.  I'll let you know how it goes.   So far, so good!  My legs are now more beige than white!

;-) Missi

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Tracy Turner said...

Beige may be overstating it a bit! How about ecru or mother-of-pearl?!