Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 61

I love to run; I really do.  It has truly been a joy so far, and that is such a relief! 

For now, I really feel that I have found a way to exercise that is challenging and, dare I say, relaxing, at the same time.  I still have a week to go before I will be running the full 30 minutes - straight, and I know that I will be able to do it!  I could not have said that two months ago!

I have also discoved something very interesting about myself as a runner that I did not think possible.  Once this 8-week program is complete, instead of trying to go as fast and as far as I can in 30 minutes, I am feeling a strange urge to slowly work my way to 45 minutes and up!  As a former sprinter (during my high school days), I would have never thought I would have these leanings, and I am so excited for the possibilities.  Who knows; maybe I'll sign up to run the half-marathon next spring!

Speaking of the marathon, I just want to say how very proud and inspired I was on May 1st to have my brother (who ran the full marathon) and my mom (who ran the 1/2) as guests at my house that weekend.   You gave it your all even in those cold and wet conditions.  You did yourselves, your family and Julie Welch (a victim of the OKC bombing) proud!


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