Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 64

It has been absolutely gorgeous weather the last few days.  The mornings start out in the mid-40s, rise to the mid-70s by the afternoon and cool off a bit in the evening - the perfect temperature for roasting weenies and marshmallows in the backyard firepit.

So last night, we did just that!  Everything is running smoothly; the weenies are charred to perfection, and the kids are gobbling them down as soon as they (the hotdogs) come off the stick ;-)  Now, it's time for the marshmallows. 

At my house, there are two ways to enjoy roasted marshmallows: 1. Slow roasted - carmelized on the outside but pure melted goodness on the inside or 2.  Fire blazed - charred and bubbled on the outside but still firm on the inside, which means its good for another dip in the fire (a two-for-one, if you will).  Both are satisfying!

Well, my hubby had just finished roasting several marshmallows for the kids when he decided to make a "fire-blazed" for himself, and just as he began blowing out the flames that had enveloped the marshmallow, a molten glob went rogue and landed on the end of his nose.  I say "landed," but really, it adhered to it, resulting in third-degree burns to the tip of his proboscis.  I know.  I know.  There's no need to cuss! (although, he had every right to.)  Thankfully, he is healing up, but his nose is going to be tender for a while.

Sorry Babe!

;-) Missi

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