Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 72

I can't believe that I didn't take the time Saturday to hoot and holler about actually running 30 minutes without stopping!!!  Who would have thought, way back on March 14, that it would have been so easy and... well... lackluster.  Truth be told, it has been harder over the last week to stay true to the program -   not because the running was harder, but because it was tempting to just go ahead and run the full 30 minutes!

Normally, after completing an eight-week training program, you're supposed to take a few days off to regroup and fully recover, but, after the unexpected week I had off due to my finger injury, my mind and body are craving more.  I have decided that I want to continue running, not necessarily faster but farther.  To that end, my wonderful hubby has researched and organized a training program that would prepare me for a 10k (a little over 6 miles).  I am not planning to race any time soon, but this type of program will give me the structure and confidence to continue to extend myself.

All of the 10k prep programs that we found online were based on mileage, but I am so much more comfortable with measuring time that we loosely translated the efforts from distances to times.  This will not only allow me to run new and unmeasured routes, but to better schedule the time necessary for each workout.

The "loose translation" is based on pace.  If the original program said to run 3 miles at a comfortable pace, I calculated that I could run those three miles in thirty minutes comfortably (10 minute miles with a heart rate around 140 bpm.)  The days in the program that call for more intensity, designated as "race pace," I figured at 8.5 minute miles at around 160 bpm.  The other new thing in this training program is the addition of cross training on Tuesdays.  These can be any aerobic activity (swimming, biking, hiking...) averaging 120-140 bpm for 30 minutes.  I plan to bike!  I got a new bike for Mother's Day.  It is the first bike that I have owned and ridden since I was eleven.  I am really looking forward to it!!!

Let's take a minute to talk about my results from the first 8 weeks.  Remember that my main goal was to find an exercise program that was both joyful and sustainable.  Well, I am delighted to say that I have accomplished that, which is huge! 

My secondary goals were to tone up my "flabby bits," fit into my clothes better and hopefully lose a few pounds.  I have accomplished those as well.  At my last weigh-in, the scale told me that I have lost 8 pounds, which brings me to 120 lbs!  I don't know how many inches I've shaved off, but I do know that I can now see my collar bones, which I sort of forgot I had. ;-)  That's somethin', right?  In all, I am very pleased with the results and can't wait to see what this next program has in store!

Speaking of the "next program," I completed the first round this morning, which was to run for 30 minutes at around 140 bpm.  It was a little challenging all the way through, for some reason.  Maybe it was the fact that it was 75 degrees already at 6:15 am, or maybe I just didn't have the right frame of mind; some days are like that - thankfully not very many!  Tomorrow, I get to ride my bike!  Yippee!

Thanks for following my journey so far!
;-) Missi

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Go, Missi! What an encourager/encouragement!