Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 16

Today, I would like to talk about two completely unrelated things, but both are worth mentioning.

The first of these is the fact that I cannot count! 

What I mean is, if you are taking note, you will notice that I have numbered my entries like this:  Day (followed by a number).  Now, that number, up until today, has been a bit incongruous with the actual number of days that I have been on this program.  You see; every day, starting with March 14th, I have had a post, but I have only put the "Day and number" combo on the posts that contain my personal musings, NOT on the "schedule" or "guest blog" posts!  Had I numbered those other posts, yesterday's post would have been Day 15, instead of Day 13.

I am happy to inform you that today is Day 16 of my quest to find a joyful and sustainable exercise program, and the title of my post reflects that!  Whew, glad we cleared that up! ;-)

The second thing I would like to mention is the fact the today was a walk day, which, normally, I would be totally jazzed about.  However, today, during my walk, I felt more like running than walking.  I found myself looking forward to tomorrow's run, and I have NEVER felt that way about exercise in my entire life.  There's hope!

Until next time,

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