Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 2

“Good from far but far from good!” I love this quote; it’s clever; it’s funny, and it’s a little bit true regarding how a fair bit of women feel about the way they look!  We have become masters at layering, skirting, blousing and tucking our “flabby bits” into the waistline of our jeans!  We are very skilled at presenting ourselves, and we should be proud of that, proud of who we are and what we’ve accomplished.  We’re not perfect, and neither are our bodies.  Heck, I had my last baby at 40, and my body didn’t spring back the way I expected, and it’s taken me a year (nine months of which I fully devoted myself to an intense fitness campaign and diet regimen that left me extremely fit but exhausted) to figure out that yes, fitness is important, but you have to be okay with yourself before you start, or you won’t feel or see the results once you’ve achieved them!

So, armed with this new perspective, I have given myself permission to be confident at every stage of this exercise program, not running to look good, but running to feel good, and the rest will follow!

We’re beautiful daughters of God!

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