Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 4

"Running from Satan, the neighbor's dog!!

All of you hardcore "Friends" watchers will readily recognize this line from one of the funniest episodes ever, when Rachel decides to take up jogging, and Phoebe joins her!  You will also remember that Phoebe's running style looked like a toddler running downhill - arms and legs flailing, chest thrust out and face beaming with a mixture of fear and joy!

When finally confronted about why she runs this way, Phoebe says that she ran this way as a kid when she was “running from Satan . . . the neighbor’s dog!”  By the end of the show, Rachel (at first wanting to look good and fashionable while running) gives Phoebe’s method a try, and ends up really enjoying herself!

That’s what I want to do:  run for joy and run from Satan – not the neighbor’s dog though – the Deceiver!!  I want to run as fast as I can away from his whispers that tempt me to doubt myself, that try to convince me that it’s not worth it, that encourage me to revert back to my old ways and tired excuses!

I want to run for fun and fill my lungs with the breath of the Holy Spirit, for it is only then that I will outrun Satan.

;-) Missi

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