Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 7

Everybody needs a cheerleader; I don’t care how old you are!!!

My husband has also taken the Run/Walk challenge, and has invited our 6½-year-old daughter to join him a couple of days a week.  She runs the first mile with him and seems to really enjoy it.  I am so proud of both of them and wanted to show up unannounced somewhere along their route to cheer them on! 

Well, my daughter was especially excited to see me and confided in her daddy that “it sure was fun having Mommy surprise us like that.  It made the rest of the run go a lot quicker!”

Boy was she right!  I have to admit that I hadn’t much thought about needing a cheerleader of my own (this side of Heaven) to get me through the rough parts of a run, until today!

Thank you, Honey, for being there at just the right time today, watching and waiting for me to round the corner so you could jump up with your hands in the air and say, “You got it, Babe!”  Guess what!   My little girl was right.  It did make the rest of the run go a lot quicker!

Until next time,

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