Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Introduction

Jogging and blogging!  Who knew? I guess God since it’s the Holy Spirit that has been needling me for some time to do both of these things!

As I compose this first entry of my very first blog, I am filled with excitement, joy and a little bit of apprehension regarding my very first foray into a running regimen of ANY kind.  I start tomorrow, and unlike many of the other fitness programs I have tried (and both enjoyed and benefited from) in the past, I am particularly excited about this training schedule, which is designed to get me to the point where I can run 30 minutes.  It’s a simple, progressive program that begins with more walking than running and gradually evolves into more running than walking.  Now that sounds doable on many levels!  I can carve out 30 minutes a day to run!  In the days that follow, I will post the schedule so that you too can run along with me and enjoy the journey of the “joyful jogger!”

Why the “joyful jogger,” you ask!  Well, I have to admit that at first blush, I wanted the title to be alliterative and a little catchy, but mostly, I wanted to focus on the aspect of combining joy with exercise since I have never considered them compatible (at least since the age of 14).  I figure if I can find joy in this, then it is a form of exercise that I can do that is sustainable, feeds my spirit, encourages an overall state of health and wellness, inspires my children, makes me feel sexy and confident and, most importantly, pleases the Lord!  So come on; let’s run for our lives in the best way possible – Let’s run for JOY!!!

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