Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 34

One Way Running!

Yesterday, I had my first forray into "One Way Running!"  And I have to tell you that it was the most exhilirating exercise experience that I have ever had (and I've had plenty)!  It happened quite by accident and on one of the windiest days that I can remember - and that's saying something for Oklahoma!

Here's how it went down:  Early yesterday morning, I had to take my car (a 1983 Mercedes turbo-diesel wagon with a lot of personality ;-)) to the mechanic for an oil change.  This involved my hubby and the kids following me in his truck so they could then be my ride home.  Well, my hubby had the bright idea to wear his running gear so that he could run back home from the mechanic's, which is close to 3-miles from our house - one way (which is how far we are run/walking in the 30-minute time allotment).

He said that he arrived at this idea because the thought of running against a 40 mph cold northwest wind was daunting.  He figured that the backyard fences lining the road would act as a windbreak.
Back at home, the kids and I were waiting to see how he did, and I was curious as to how he handled the north-westerly winds.  As it turns out, what he thought was going to be a north wind was actually a very strong west wind (the direction he was running), so he had the wind in his face the whole way!  He told me that it was almost too overwhelming at first and that he thought he couldn't do it, BUT then he started  thinking that with each step, he was getting a little bit closer to home.  He had a destination; he had hope; he knew he was stronger and heavier than the wind, and in the end, he arrived home with a smile on his face!

He wanted me to have the same experience, but without the head-wind, so he and the kids dropped me off at the Wal-Mart Supercenter, where I had the wind at my back most of the way.  The time passed by in a flash.  I knew that I had a one-way ticket home; I just had to fly!  

I felt like a real runner today.  I didn't cover any more ground than normal, but somehow it felt different and the scenery was new with each step!

I definitely recommend "One Way Running"!  It's a joy!

;-) Missi

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