Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 37

Here's the deal.  How I look REALLY matters to me! 

I really want to put my best foot forward all of the time, in terms of my appearance.  I cover my legs when I don't have a tan.  I have a modest swimsuit that tries to hide my "fish-belly white" mid-section.  I highlight my hair to cover the grey, and I try to stay in fashion in regards to the size and style of my eye-glasses!  You get the picture.  Perhaps you are the same way! ;-) 

I say that to say this:  My looks really matter to me EXCEPT when I am running! 

In fact, what I look like doesn't even cross my mind while I am running.  I guess that I am so busy concentrating on how much time I have left, what my heart rate is, what song is on the MP3 player, what my next blog post will cover, how grateful I am to be able to run and what a joy it is to be doing something good for my body and spirit that I don't have time to wonder if I look cool or even coordinated!  It's very liberating and very unlike the natural me.  And I love it!

I run like nobody's watching.  I run for joy!
;-) Missi

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