Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 40

Well, we made it to our vacation destination, but just barely!

My poor hubby had a 6-hour, white-knuckled driving experience, navigating through the pouring rain, in construction zones with low shoulders, pulling a trailer and almost running out of fuel (another nearly disastrous consequence of pulling the trailer)! 

Luckily, when we arrived a little after 10 pm, all of that was just a distant memory.  We were greeted by excited grandparents who were happy to have us there and to share their home and Easter with us!   And our three youngsters were quick to forget about the woes of travel as they raced around Grandma’s house, trying to find their favorite toy treasures, stopping every so often to give grateful leg hugs and ask for cookies!

Everybody slept like logs last night and woke up rested this morning.   And even though we felt rested, my hubby and I weren’t initially sure that we felt rested enough to tackle our running schedule for the day (Run 18/Walk 1/Run 11), especially on Missouri’s very hilly country roads, but we had no choice,  We are on vacation but NOT from running!!

Tracy ran before I did and came back looking refreshed and a little giddy!  He said that the hills were ridiculous but in a good way!  And, guess what?  I believed him! ;-)

So, I took off in the light drizzle, with Dave Matthews singing in my ears, a fine mist on my glasses, Tracy’s directions in my head and joy in my heart.  The scenery was new; the temperature was cool; my legs and heart felt strong!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

It was a joy!

;-) Missi

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