Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 36

Over the course of the last 5 weeks, I have discovered that my favorite parts of each scheduled run/walk circuit are the beginning AND the end!  The run starts with hope and ends with a sense of accomplishment and renewed vigor - not just relief, as in other exercise programs I've tried.

As for the middle of the exercise, well, that is where the joy takes place.  Now don't get me wrong; throughout the program, every step has been a challenge to my body first and then my brain.  But I have found out that during these longer run sessions of 15 and 16 minutes at a time, it has become more of a mind over matter thing!  My brain is telling me that the schedule says 15 minutes, so I have to at least try my best to accomplish the task at hand! 

And guess what!  I do it.  I just keep taking another breath, another step, and another minute goes by!  It's amazing!  

Here's something else that is amazing!  About 13 minutes into every run, I start to feel a little winded and that maybe I just can't do this!  But then, magically, around the 15-minute mark, I feel a warmth come over me.  It starts in my legs and travels up my body, and once my face gets warm, I start to feel like I can do it!  My stride lengthens, and I feel like a runner.  Perhaps this is what they call the "Runner's High!"  I like to think that it is JOY!

Until next time,

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